About Tail Risk

Tail Risk is a single company investment vehicle founded by Robert Terrin, an entrepreneur and risk management professional. I am looking to buy and grow an excellent business for the long-term. No bait and switch. No unnecessary due diligence. No last minute renegotiations of complex deal terms.

What you'll get from me is a dedicated successor with industry experience in risk, security and compliance, interested in a good deal for all parties. I believe great businesses are exceptional and should be preserved for their stakeholders by knowledgeable and conscientious stewards of capital.

About Robert Terrin

Rob left a career in venture capital with the goal to concentrate on growing a single business that reduces risk in society. Originally from the Baltimore, he has lived in D.C. where he began his career in public sector and healthcare cybersecurity. Following a move to New York for graduate school, he worked in financial services and energy cybersecurity. He lives with his wife and daughter in Westchester, NY.

A passionate entrepreneur and self-starter, Rob holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Masters of International Affairs from the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. If you would like to reach Rob, please complete the contact form or find him on X and LinkedIn