Why Choose Tail Risk?


The deal process can be sensitive and challenging. That is why Tail Risk aims to be discrete, efficient and candid throughout the process.

Introduction resulting in Relationship Development and Non-Disclosure

A brief meeting to get to know each other and assess goals and values.

Discovery resulting in Indication of Interest

Discover if criteria like history of cash flow, recurring revenue, low customer concentration and reasonable margins in a growing market are met.

Business Evaluation resulting in a Letter of Intent

Company analysis, clarifying expectations and alignment of growth plans.

Due Diligence resulting in Draft Sale and Purchase Agreement

Detailed analysis of financial statements, operations, legal documents, security practices, tax filings and all business aspects of the company. Agree on transaction terms and preliminary plan for change in ownership.

Close resulting in a Successful Transaction

Execute legal agreements, finalize ownership transition plan and provide liquidity to previous owners.