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Tail Risk provides cybersecurity services and products to measure, manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk for innovative institutions and in acquisitions.


We offer domain expertise backed by proprietary risk quantification methods to deliver and demonstrate security in terms business professionals understand.


Robert Terrin
Founder and CEO
John Edwards
Founder and CTO

Rob has a decade​ of experience in developing, managing and architecting security systems for governments, fortune 500 clients, and startups. He has developed novel risk models, implemented security systems, and managed security teams. He is a graduate of the Columbia Business School and the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs.

John has experience running large-scale web products, managing software development teams and building prototypes. He has worked both at startups and multinationals, where he crafted cybersecurity policies, performed results-based security audits, and conducted security trainings. He is a graduate of the Columbia Fu School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.