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  • Buy-Side Due Diligence

  • Vendor Technology Risk

  • Indemnity Escrow/Reps & Warranty Insurance

Mergers & acquisitions are complex and risky, but cybersecurity doesn't have to be. Draw on our deep cybersecurity domain expertise and proprietary risk models to determine how cyber risk affects valuation, whether you are investigating a target, performing pre-sale self due diligence or determining how to indemnify a transaction.


  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Risk Assessment

  • Third Party Risk

In the wake of breaches, new regulations proliferate. Our expertise in public policy, business strategy and cybersecurity helps you understand cyber risk and report it in an intelligible way. We perform assessments for international, national and local regulations.


  • Board Services

  • Litigation Support

  • Cyber Insurance

Many problems require precision. Ratings and rankings can only take you so far. Our proprietary risk models are interpretable, transparent and specific. Incorporating uncertainty and domain expertise allows us to get the most out of machine learning and statistics. This, in turn, offers answers where none have existed for high stakes decision making.